Stand Up Comedy…

I want to do stand up comedy. I love the limelight. I love making people laugh. It makes sense that I’d try stand up. There are some places in town where you can do an open mic night…I’ve been seriously considering it.

I need an outlet… and I think it would be just that. I figure, how hard can it be to be a comedian? I’m quick witted. I’m great at telling stories. I’m a good writer.

I’m collecting material. It’s called my life. I’m going to tell the story about buying my first vibrater…
and then carrying the vibrating story over to my toothbrush…cell phone…etc. Like…an item isn’t important unless it can vibrate… Think about it… My rabbit. My toothbrush. My cell phone. I’m on to something here I think.

On a random side note, the other night, I emailed myself from my cell phone “tanqueray tastes like Christmas Tree cum”…. who the hell does that????

*Me. That’s who. lol


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