Define me…

Erin is: aggravated, angered, black, choleric, enraged, furious, hot under the collar(p), huffy, incensed, indignant, infuriated, irascible, irate, ireful, livid, mad, maddened, outraged, provoked, raging, smoldering, smouldering, sore, stormy, tempestuous, umbrageous, unhealthy, wild, wrathful, wroth, wrothful

according to the Webster dictionary…

You know a relationship is over when your first reaction in a fight is to go for the jugular with a “Go fuck yourself”.

I’m totally done. Here’s to selling my ass off this month so I can afford to slam that door so fucking loud when I leave…and never look back.



Things I love:
The sound of spanish guitar
The smell of black dirt after a rain
Flamenco dancing
Taking naps in the sunshine
Mother of Pearl buttons
Connecting with random strangers
Fake nails and Very Sexy perfume

Stand Up Comedy…

I want to do stand up comedy. I love the limelight. I love making people laugh. It makes sense that I’d try stand up. There are some places in town where you can do an open mic night…I’ve been seriously considering it.

I need an outlet… and I think it would be just that. I figure, how hard can it be to be a comedian? I’m quick witted. I’m great at telling stories. I’m a good writer.

I’m collecting material. It’s called my life. I’m going to tell the story about buying my first vibrater…
and then carrying the vibrating story over to my toothbrush…cell phone…etc. Like…an item isn’t important unless it can vibrate… Think about it… My rabbit. My toothbrush. My cell phone. I’m on to something here I think.

On a random side note, the other night, I emailed myself from my cell phone “tanqueray tastes like Christmas Tree cum”…. who the hell does that????

*Me. That’s who. lol

I am going to:

  1. Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  2. Lose another 40 lbs.
  3. Run a 5k
  4. Do an improv stand up comedy night
  5. Go on a solo road trip
  6. Pay off some shit
  7. Go skiing
  8. Play on a slow pitch softball team
  9. Paint a nude sitting
  10. Figure out what I’m willing to settle for in a partner

So I roam

I have fallen in love with Pandora… I catch myself going, “I love this song” to each song that comes on my station.  Rather absurd, but me none-the-less.  My station selected “Roam”, by Lijie…a female singer from the UK I’d never heard of until this evening.

Her sultry and aching voice stirred me…as only music can.  The lyrics were beautiful…and sad…and so true to my life as I know it right now.

Here they are:


By: Lijie

We always sit and talk about the weather
And after all these letters well there’s nothing left to say
And you and I we’re both two of a kind
We’re always wondering why
Something more hasn’t come our way
But I refuse to believe
This is the only life for me

So I roam
These open roads
The nights are bitter
And the days are cold
So I roam
These open roads
In search of better
In search of home

You seem surprised I see it in your eyes
But I can’t lie
This was never what I had in mind
And walking this line pretending everything’s fine
Well this isn’t living it’s just getting by
And I maybe naïve
But not too proud to leave

So I roam
These open roads
The nights are bitter
And the days are cold
So I roam
These open roads
In search of better
In search of home


A photo I took with my Black Berry one day…. seems to be fitting.